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A Drop in the Ocean Blog: 24 Sustainable Actions to Try in 2024

I want to kick off the new year with something super simple… 24 sustainable actions to try in 2024. Every action on this list is intended to perhaps push you a little outside your comfort zone, but still be totally actionable and do-able in most of our lives. Which ones will you try this year?

A Drop in the Ocean Zero Waste Store: 5 Lessons Learned from Plastic Free July

This week marked the last day of Plastic Free July, and instead of our usual blog format, today I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past month and some of the lessons I’ve learned from it. Some of these are new lessons for me, and some are simply reminders that were brought to the surface again, but all of them are so valuable, and might resonate with you, too.

What is a Buy Nothing Group and why should you join one?
Building and supporting a sharing economy is a critical component of any zero waste lifestyle, and Buy Nothing Groups are one of the best ways to do that. So today we're talking all things Buy Nothing - what it is, why it's better than donating to a thrift shop, and even why your local group may be called a "Gifting With Integrity" group instead.
A Drop in the Ocean Zero Waste Blog: 16 Unsustainable Things I Did This Week
Today I'm sharing all of the unsustainable things I did in the last week to remind you that true zero waste is not actually possible. I've been doing this for 6+ years and I still create waste! This is a shame-free space. It's about learning and making better choices when we can and where we can.
A Drop in the Ocean Zero Waste Store: 60+ Ways to Live More Sustainably Every Day

I did an audit of all the random things I do in a day to live more sustainably that I honestly don’t even notice anymore. Because living sustainably isn’t a checklist or a to-do list. It’s our small choices, every day, that add up to the big stuff. These small changes have had real, tangible, impacts in reducing my waste - whether wasted time, energy, or money - without having to think about them all the time.

A Drop in the Ocean Blog: How to do a No Spend Month
Today’s post is a topic I’ve been meaning to write for a couple of years now but for some reason never have - how to do a No Spend Month. It’s something I’ve done in the past that has had a hugely positive impact on my life and I know it’s done the same for others, too. If you’re not yet familiar with a No Spend Month, allow me to introduce you...
A Drop in the Ocean Blog: The Best Way to Go Zero Waste

As we come upon the time of year that’s become characterized by overconsumption and the overwhelming messaging that we must give our loved ones physical gifts, I was recently reminded of the absolute best tip I can offer for how to live more sustainably...

A Drop in the Ocean Zero Waste Shop 5 Simple Tips to Make Soap Bars Last Longer in the Shower

Two weeks ago, I shared my top 7 reasons to switch to shampoo and conditioner bars. They’re some of my favorite, easy, zero waste swaps, but if you’ve never used them before, you may not  know the best ways to take care of them. So today I’m sharing five ways to care for bar soaps and make them last as long as possible.

The Ultimate History of Single-Use Plastics: How did we become a disposable society?

Let's talk about one of my favorite topics - the history of plastics and how we became such a plastic society. How did a material that is literally designed to last forever end up surrounding us in the form of straws, bags, bottles, utensils, and packaging that’s intended to be used for just minutes? The answer, my friend, is...

A Drop in the Ocean Online Zero Waste Store Blog: 5 Common Recycling Myths Debunked

It's Plastic Free July! So let's talk recycling. It's one of my favorite things to talk about, especially because I’m a firm believer that we should be recycling less, not more, when it comes to going zero waste. But in order to do that, we need to have access to better products and we need to know how to recycle right - wherever we are. So today I’m debunking five common recycling myths so you can be confident that your recycling efforts are anything but in vain.

A Drop in the Ocean Zero Waste Store: Composting vs. Recycling - Which is more sustainable?

Today we're chatting all about recycling versus composting, which is better, and why. This topic was inspired by one of our EcoWarriors when she commented on a post in our EcoWarrior Pod that pizza boxes are compostable, and that’s better than recycling. I realized that this is something many of us assume in the sustainability space, especially with how much we hear about how broken our recycling systems are, but is it really true?

A Drop in the Ocean Shop What is zero waste and a circular economy?

What is zero waste? It’s a simple question, but I’m not usually one for simple answers. I don’t believe there are black-and-white solutions to most things, and I don’t believe there are one-size-fits-all ways to be sustainable. So let’s take a closer look at this question. What exactly is zero waste...and what is it not?

Small Changes. Big Impact.

This year, we introduced a mini-series of blog posts where we focused on just one small thing we can do in our everyday lives that has a big impact for our planet. To wrap up this mini-series, we're taking a journey back through them to see just how big of an impact we could have making these changes for just one month.

A Drop in the Ocean Shop 8 Tips for a Low Waste Wedding

This past weekend I was away at a wedding that was so beautiful, so full of love and happiness, and so...low waste! I couldn't help but document the whole thing to share with you. So today, here are 8 tips for a zero waste wedding, inspired by Kirk and Meghann’s big day.

A Drop in the Ocean Tacoma Zero Waste Sustainable Living Blog How and Why to Break Up with Amazon plus Amazon alternatives
It's time to do the thing. We’re gonna dive deep into the problems with Amazon, and you can be certain that once we’re through that, there’s gonna be a ton of resources and tips (plus 13 alternatives!) to help you finally break up with Amazon once and for all.
Do we need corporate action or consumer action for zero waste?
Last week I posted a TikTok about how plastics aren’t actually recyclable. I very quickly received a comment that said, “Pretending this is a consumer issue is not going to help anything.” And I agree. But these are complex issues. So in our quest for a zero waste world, do we need corporate or consumer action?
A Drop in the Ocean Tacoma Zero Waste Sustainable Living Blog Is a reusable straw better than a plastic one?

Straw messaging is generally seen as the gateway swap to a more sustainable lifestyle, which is great! Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, right? And while I do believe that we’ve overplayed the straw card, it’s still an important topic. Because the 500,000,000 straws used every day add up. FAST. So if you’re new to the zero waste and sustainable lifestyle, here’s what you need to know about straws.