Our Impact

We are on a mission to use business as a force for good. That's why we're donating at least 1% of our sales to ocean conservation and planting one tree with every item purchased. Although these numbers may not seem like much on their own, the collective impact of our actions is immense, and we can see how even 1% amounts to massive changes towards a healthier planet.

The numbers below represent our collective impact since opening our virtual doors in February 2019.
Last updated October 1, 2023.

Meet Our Conservation Partners

Trees for the Future

All of our tree planting is done through the organization Trees for the Future. Trees is doing so much more than planting trees. Their work in sub-Saharan Africa is changing lives. Through their Forest Gardens program, Trees works with local community members to plant fast-growing trees that restore critical nutrients to degraded soil. This regenerative agriculture provides an ideal environment for farmers to grow an array of fruits and vegetables, providing a food source and a source of income.

The long-term benefits of this program are immense. Farmers realize an average annual income increase of 400%. As the trees mature they sequester greater amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. Revitalized lands lead to greater biodiversity, less erosion, and a higher productivity. We love the work Trees for the Future is doing, and are proud to support them in our daily business.

Vermilion Sea Institute

At least 1% of your order total is donated to Vermilion Sea Institute as our ocean conservation partner. We say "at least" because no matter what, we are donating 1% of your total, but we also feature VSI throughout the year with higher donation percentages, and we always give you the option to round up your total when paying in cash at an in-person pop-up.

VSI is on a mission to foster sustainable and enriching relationships between human societies and the ecosystems that support them. Conservation is about so much more than fencing off a piece of land - conservation issues are complex, and require multidisciplinary approaches to address them. VSI is doing just that.

VSI connects people to the world around them, inspiring action and greater knowledge-seeking. Our owner and founder visited VSI for the first time in 2017, and from the ten days she spent on the water with the VSI team, her life transformed. From that trip, A Drop in the Ocean was born, and since the beginning it has been one of our core goals to give back to VSI to support the incredible work they do each and every day.