Live in or around Tacoma? Use code LOCALDELIVERY for free delivery to your doorstep.

Live in or around Tacoma? Use code LOCALDELIVERY for free delivery to your doorstep.

Silk Dental Floss

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Did you know that traditional dental floss is actually made of plastic? If everyone in just the US flossed as recommended by the American Dental Association, the used floss would circle the planet more than 1,200 times. And the plastic containers? We'd fill a landfill the size of a football field six stories high (the equivalent of 2,184,000,000 canisters). No, thank you.

(Thank you to Viajar & Amar for doing that math so we didn't have to.)

This refillable silk dental floss is our go-to solution to keep our teeth healthy and bright. The floss itself is silk coated in vegan candelilla wax, and is packaged in stunning glass and stainless steel canisters that can be continually refilled.

Pair it with our bamboo toothbrushes and charcoal + mint tooth powder for a beautifully sustainable oral care routine.

Each glass canister comes pre-filled with one 33-foot spool of floss and one additional 33-foot spool. Refill packs include two 33-foot spools, without the canister.

Ethical Guarantees
Give-Back Program
Made in the USA

End of Life
Box: Recycle or compost
Sleeve: Industrial compost, or landfill
Floss: Compost
Canister: Recycle