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I’ve been living a zero waste lifestyle for more than four years now, and in that time I’ve done a lot of experimenting. What works, what doesn’t, and where do I find more people like me? These are all questions I’ve asked myself, and now I’m compiling all of my favorite resources into one page.

Of course, if you’re looking for zero waste home and personal care essentials, we’ve got you covered over in A Drop in the Ocean Shop ;)

Note that some of these resources may contain affiliate links, meaning I may get a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. I will never promote a business or a brand that I don’t use myself and don’t believe in 100%.

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The EcoWarrior Pod

We've got a really wonderful free community, the EcoWarrior Pod. It's a space where curiosity is encouraged, questions are welcomed, information is shared, and inspiration is abundant.

Advocating for our planet can be exhausting, and at times isolating. Eco-anxiety and eco-guilt are so real, and if you're struggling with either of these, I see you. And I want this community to be your safe space.

We are a small but mighty group of people all doing our part to create drops in the ocean that make waves around us.

Make Waves Mondays

Mondays are soon to be your favorite day of the week when you sign up for our weekly email series - Make Waves Mondays. Each Monday we’re tackling a different sustainability topic and breaking it down into practical, actionable steps for you to implement in your daily life.

Here’s what our EcoWarriors have to say about Make Waves Mondays:

“Just wanted to say I love your emails! Love your approach of making small & sustainable changes, love the research you provide, love the little recipe at the end! They are a lovely addition to my inbox in making me feel motivated to make changes while also not feeling “guilted” about doing so.” - Lexi J.

“They're my absolute favorite weekly email. I learn so much. I literally get SO MUCH OUT OF THEM. I've unsubscribed from almost all emails (thanks, MWM carbon post!) but this is still my favorite one." - Izzy A. 

“Krystina I love your emails! You are so knowledgeable and I’m looking forward to learning more on how I can contribute to Mother Earth.” - Juanda C.


For all things sustainable living, from gift-giving to globetrotting, our Pinterest feed has it all - and we’re always building on it. Not only is it an archive of all of our past blog posts, but an extension of our mission as a one-stop shop for zero waste wannabes to live lighter on the planet. We love sharing other zero waste blogs, especially those that cover sustainability topics we’re not the experts on - things like zero waste babies and kids, and sustainable fashion.

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I basically gave up going to the grocery store in 2020. I still go for some essentials, but for the most part, I get my staples from Imperfect Foods. They’re on a mission to eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone. That’s a mission I can get behind.

Shop Imperfect Foods

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Sustainable Fashion

Buying less is the best way to reduce our fashion footprint. (Check out our blog post on sustainable fashion for more on what this means!) But sometimes, we need a new pair of jeans or the perfect jacket to wear to a job interview. In that case, when I can’t make it to my local consignment shop, my go-to is ThredUP. It’s basically an online consignment shop, with stylish pieces from name brands. As I type this, I’m wearing my first and favorite jumper I ever bought from ThredUP, three years ago. Still my go-to!

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Tree-Free TP

Did you know that globally, we flush 27,000 trees down the toilet every day? For something as essential as toilet paper, it seems to me there’s a better way. I’ve been a fan of Who Gives a Crap since the very beginning of my zero waste journey. I love not only their products, but also their commitment to giving back and, honestly, their packaging! We’ve definitely used WGAC toilet paper wrapping in our order shipments before. It’s just so cute it’s begging to be reused!

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For the DIY Master

The zero waste movement was popularized by mason jars of trash and blogs full of DIY recipes. While there are tons of resources (including our own shop!) out there these days for sustainable products that don’t require DIY time, there are some that just make sense. Krystina’s DIY face powder is clutch. If you’re in the DIY market, our go-to for ingredients is Mountain Rose Herbs. All organic, PNW-based, and the best high-quality ingredients, always.

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Shipping Supplies

Although nearly all of our shipping materials are reused from our local community, sometimes we need tape, or shipping labels, or maybe some boxes here and there. When we do, we always use EcoEnclose. I’m obsessed with their commitment to sustainability and how transparent they are with their practices. Obsessed. If you own a small business or ship things, I cannot speak highly enough of EcoEnclose.

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