🌜Take a deep breath and watch the stars

🌜Take a deep breath and watch the stars

Even as the sun ducks behind the mountain, the possibilities for adventure are still endless on the Vermilion Sea.

You might take in the Milky Way - a glimpse into the other side of the galaxy.
You might share good stories with good friends.
You might dip into the water for a night snorkel - a changed ecosystem awaits the glance of your torch.
You might sneak away into the kitchen for just one more cookie.
You might even slip down to the beach and stick your goggled face in the water to watch your splashing hands bring the bioluminescence to life.
You might call it an early night as the busy day has brought you to a place of peaceful exhaustion.

No matter how or when your night ends, you know a comfortable cot awaits you under the twinkling and shooting stars of the open sky.

The day was long and full - the kind of day you are unlikely to ever forget.

As the people get quieter and the lights begin to dwindle, it seems like the sounds of the sea get gently louder.

Just as they stirred you awake, the lapping waves now call you to rest.

Though there is always more excitement to be had, you know a new day filled with new adventures will greet you once again in just a few short hours.

- "Winding Down The Day," from the Vermilion Sea Institute cookbook, With Love, From Baja


As exciting as the days are on our Baja EcoWarrior Retreat, it wouldn't be the retreat it is without the beauty of the evenings.

When the dinner dishes are done and the cervezas have been poured... when the string lights are lit over the cobblestone patio and the stars have begun to make their nightly appearance... it's peace.

The mornings are filled with anticipation. A group buzzing with excitement for what the day may hold.

The afternoons are full of adventure, wonder, and magic. Swimming as fast as our legs will carry us to share in moments of awe and connection with the largest fish in the sea. Diving in the shallows to explore the underwater worlds of starfish, corals, and maybe an octopus or two. Coming together for group discussions on ocean health and conservation and our place in the puzzle.

And the evenings...well, it's when everything comes together. Whether you're still exploring the night life under the sea or snuggling into your cot for some quiet reflection under the glimmering stars, it's the time when you realize...

"Holy sh*t. I'm here. I'm present. And this is the place I am meant to be - right here, right now."

I want you, my friend, to find these moments of centering. These moments of peace, of excitement, of knowing that you're in the right place. Of awakening your sense of wonder.

I want that for you.

So, friend, I invite you to join us on this year's Baja EcoWarrior Retreat.

Part yoga retreat.
Part climate action workshop.
Park snorkeling adventure.

"This was the best trip and has a little bit of everything! Adventure, nature, education, community, giving back and more!


The trip was organized in a way where you could "choose your own adventure" which gave me flexibility to focus on what I wanted out of it.


Whether you sign up with a friend or on your own, there are many like-minded folks to connect with.


My favorite parts of this trip were: swimming with whale sharks, learning about the different species native to the area, learning to paddle board, waking up to gorgeous sunrises and seeing the sunsets, group discussions, learning about the impact VSI has in the community and the research they're doing, and the food!"


- Vanessa, Baja EcoWarrior Retreat 2021

I cannot wait to share this space with you, my friend. Will you embrace the adventure?

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