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How zero waste is A Drop in the Ocean Shop?

For every pound of waste we, as consumers, throw out, seven more pounds are thrown away upstream. So you may be wondering, if you’re buying a zero waste product from us, is it actually zero waste for us, too? Or are we just taking things out of packaging and reselling them as “zero waste”? Take a peek behind the scenes with us!

The Ultimate History of Single-Use Plastics: How did we become a disposable society?

Let's talk about one of my favorite topics - the history of plastics and how we became such a plastic society. How did a material that is literally designed to last forever end up surrounding us in the form of straws, bags, bottles, utensils, and packaging that’s intended to be used for just minutes? The answer, my friend, is...

A Drop in the Ocean Online Zero Waste Store Blog: 5 Common Recycling Myths Debunked

It's Plastic Free July! So let's talk recycling. It's one of my favorite things to talk about, especially because I’m a firm believer that we should be recycling less, not more, when it comes to going zero waste. But in order to do that, we need to have access to better products and we need to know how to recycle right - wherever we are. So today I’m debunking five common recycling myths so you can be confident that your recycling efforts are anything but in vain.

A Drop in the Ocean Shop Zero Waste Deodorant Vendor Spotlight with Bai-li Essentials
We’re turning the mic over to our zero waste vendors! This week, get to know Bailey Noble, who makes our zero waste all-natural deodorants. In this video, we’re chatting about everything from how Bai-li Essentials got its start, to the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant, to our personal searches for effective deodorant.
A Drop in the Ocean Why transparency is essential for sustainability

As a consumer, it can be so incredibly difficult to sort through what’s actually sustainable and what’s greenwashing. And I am always trying to help you cut through the noise to make the best choices for you and your family. I know that going up against greenwashing is just part of this job. I’ll step up to the big guys any day. But I neverever… imagined that it wouldn’t just be the big guys we’d have to watch out for.

A Drop in the Ocean Tacoma Zero Waste Store Vendor Spotlight with Meli Wraps Beeswax Wraps
We’re turning the mic over to our zero waste vendors! This month, get to know Melia Foster of Meli Wraps who makes our zero waste beeswax wraps in all their colorful glory. In this video, we’re chatting about everything from how Meli Wraps started in a kitchen, to Melia's passion for ocean conservation.
A Drop in the Ocean Tacoma Zero Waste Store Izzy Mascara Review

Lemme tell ya, the sustainable mascara journey has been a frustrating oneSo after waiting for FAR too long, I finally decided it’s time to stop using the same mascara I’ve been using for three years. And in my quest to find the best products out there, I was excited to finally give Izzy zero waste mascara a try, and I’m excited to share with you my experience!

A Drop in the Ocean Tacoma Zero Waste Store How we keep our market booth zero waste

While standing behind my display at a recent market, I realized just how sustainable our booth setup is. We’re committed to zero waste in all ways, but it wasn’t until this moment that I fully realized how much our zero waste values are translated into our display. So here's a peek at some of my favorite booth setup essentials and how we keep things zero waste.

A Drop in the Ocean Zero Waste Shop Vendor Spotlight with Potluck Press
We’re turning the mic over to our zero waste vendors! This month we’re hanging out with Rosie and Karen from Potluck Press, who print our zero waste Swedish dishcloths. In this video, we’re chatting about everything from how Potluck Press got its start to the process of printing a Swedish dishcloth!
How "green" are specialty recycling programs?
Specialty recycling programs like TerraCycle and Ridwell pick up the slack when it comes to hard-to-recycle items not accepted by our municipal recycling programs. When we're trying to live zero waste, this sounds like a great solution. But are these programs actually sustainable, or are they greenwashing us and letting corporations off the hook?
A Drop in the Ocean What is Earth Hour plus 8 ways to spend Earth Hour

Earth Hour was founded in 2007 as a call to awareness about our climate crisis. It’s a simple, symbolic way we can all take a stand and make a difference. To participate in Earth Hour, on March 26th, for one hour, beginning at 8:30pm, turn out your lights and choose how to spend Earth Hour. Here's how I'll be spending the hour this year.

A Drop in the Ocean Zero Waste Store: Composting vs. Recycling - Which is more sustainable?

Today we're chatting all about recycling versus composting, which is better, and why. This topic was inspired by one of our EcoWarriors when she commented on a post in our EcoWarrior Pod that pizza boxes are compostable, and that’s better than recycling. I realized that this is something many of us assume in the sustainability space, especially with how much we hear about how broken our recycling systems are, but is it really true?

A Drop in the Ocean Zero Waste Store Is boxed water really better for the planet?

Boxed Water is a brand of prepackaged water in cartons rather than plastic bottles. When I first heard of them in 2017, I was totally on board, because at the time in the zero waste world, all plastic was bad. But, is boxed water really better, as they claim?

A Drop in the Ocean Zero Waste Herbal Body Care Vendor Spotlight with KV Apothecary
We’re turning the mic over to our zero waste vendors! This month we’re hanging out with Kendra from KV Apothecary, who handmakes our calendula salve, reef-safe refillable sunscreen, and refillable bug spray. In this video, we’re chatting about everything from how KV Apothecary got its start to delving into Kendra's plethora of past and future jobs.
A Drop in the Ocean Tacoma Zero Waste Store 5 Swaps I Didn't Know I Needed

Today, on our third anniversary, I'm looking at our little zero waste shop and I’m reminded of this journey - and how you have helped shape A Drop in the Ocean into what it is. So I thought I’d take some time to share five zero waste swaps we've added to the shop because you, our EcoWarriors, asked for them.

A Drop in the Ocean Zero Waste Blog How sustainable are roses?
For centuries, the rose has been the symbol for love and beauty. Today, more than 250 million roses are grown annually, just for Valentine's Day. But how eco-friendly are these flowers, and can we show our affection more sustainably?