The Ultimate Zero Waste Gift Guide

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Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s time for turkey, mashed potatoes, and apple pie.  The best combination of foods ever imagined. Mmmmm…

But after the pie has been devoured and the tryptophan-induced naps have been had, the whirlwind of Black Friday madness and holiday gift-giving begins.  To help us all navigate the craziness that is coming upon us, I have compiled the ultimate list of zero waste gifts.

Disclaimer: Not all of these gifts may be perfectly zero waste, but that’s what this space is all about, right?  Perfection doesn’t exist, especially in the zero waste sphere. The way I see it, as long as the gift is meaningful, who really cares if it’s zero waste?

So let’s dig in and get ready for the holidays!

In absolutely no particular order...

  1. Hot air balloon ride
  2. Laser tag
  3. Donate to a charity of their choice
  4. If they volunteer somewhere, go with them
  5. Coffee date
  6. Coffee beans
  7. Happy hour
  8. Lunch or dinner at their favorite restaurant
  9. Hand-written note/letter
  10. Stock (you can buy gift cards for stock here - brilliance)
  11. Pay a bill
  12. Time together
  13. Time alone (this is bliss for the introvert in your life)
  14. A movie
  15. Tickets to a show (concert, theater, ballet, etc.)
  16. DIY coffee body scrub
  17. Groceries
  18. Gift cards (they can be for more than food or “stuff” - my brother gave me gift cards for Headspace and Skillshare one year!)
  19. Visit a zoo, aquarium, or science center
  20. Cocktail class
  21. Escape room
  22. A tattoo
  23. Vacation / weekend getaway
  24. Your favorite book - write a note on the inside, too!
  25. A home-cooked meal
  26. “Adopt” an animal - this can be done through World Wildlife Fund or often times through your local zoo
  27. Wine
  28. Chocolate
  29. Spa day
  30. Golf day
  31. Arcade day
  32. Family heirlooms
  33. Photos
  34. Cleaning service
  35. Homemade cookies
  36. A video game download
  37. Write a “50 Things I Love About You” letter
  38. Wine tasting
  39. Whiskey tasting
  40. Home-infused alcohol
  41. Babysit
  42. House plants
  43. Pottery class
  44. Handmade or custom candle
  45. Coffee bean grinder
  46. Coloring book and colored pencils
  47. Hot chocolate mix
  48. Mini golf
  49. Your favorite zero waste tool(s)
  50. Something they really want.

What are your favorite zero waste gifts to give or receive?

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