Live in or around Tacoma? Use code LOCALDELIVERY for free delivery to your doorstep.

Live in or around Tacoma? Use code LOCALDELIVERY for free delivery to your doorstep.

My Emergency Toolkit for Wellness

A Drop in the Ocean Tacoma Zero Waste Store - Emergency Toolkit for Wellness
I woke up this morning in a mood. It happens sometimes, you know? I just woke up and immediately was feeling kind of out of place, maybe a little sad for no reason, unmotivated. I suddenly remembered a Yoga Girl podcast about creating an Emergency Toolkit for Wellbeing for these moments. Today I'm making my own.
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Mental Health, Intersectionality, and Zero Waste

A Drop in the Ocean - Mental Health, Intersectionality, Zero Waste
We’re about to get very real up in here.  I know that this post is going to be difficult for my parents, grandparents, and other family members to read, but I do feel that it is important to share these experiences, and have honest and raw conversations about mental health, and in this instance, how it relates to living zero waste.
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