You're a Deep Sea Octopus!

aka the Spacious EcoWarrior

What's so cool about the deep sea octopus?

In 2007, researchers from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute identified a deep sea octopus, Graneledone Octopus, in Monterey Canyon, clinging to a rocky ledge. For over four years, the researchers returned to the site and found the octopus still in the same place. Over time, they realized she was protecting about 160 eggs. For four-and-a-half years, this octopus was putting herself last - spending her time bathing her eggs, protecting them from predators, and even foregoing her own meals. This octopus is one heck of a mama!

What does a deep sea octopus have to do with your eco-superpower?

You’re ready to do your part for the planet, but you’re not about to add yet another thing to your to-do list to make it happen.

Just like the deep sea octopus, your life is full! You’ve got lots going on. And you don’t have time to add “saving the planet” to your plate.

In fact, you’re ready for the opposite. You’d love some “me” time. Some more space in your life that will bring you joy, ease…and maybe even health.

And here’s the thing. Zero waste is about so much more than physical waste. It’s about wasted energy, wasted resources, and - you guessed it - wasted time.

You know that your actions matter and you want to spend your time in the most valuable ways for you, for your family, and for the planet. You’re ready for sustainable swaps and sustainable actions that bring spaciousness into your life - that actually work, are safe for your family, and aren’t trying to greenwash you.

Your quiz results are designed to help you find clarity on your path to sustainability, while staying true to your values and your unique eco-superpower.

So if you’re ready to make waves for a sustainable future, let’s dive in.

Our life is frittered away by detail…Simplify, simplify, simplify!
Simplicity of life and elevation of purpose.

Henry Thoreau

Let's find your sustainable path forward.

1. One product. Many uses.

The big guys want you to think you need different products for everything in your life. But you and I both know that’s just not true.

A separate cleaner for the kitchen, the bathroom, the sink, the mirrors? No thanks. You know a killer all-purpose cleaner can do it all.

Zero waste can seem like a complete ~overhaul~ of our life, but the secret sauce is really in the simplification.  At the heart of sustainability is reducing and reusing what we’ve got. Finding those products that’ll clear out the cleaning caddy under the kitchen sink with just one or two essentials… That’s where you’re gonna shine, my friend.

2. Reuse is queen.

Have you ever stopped to think about how ridiculous it is that we’ve been convinced to buy things with the sole purpose of throwing them away?

Driving to the store, walking up and down the aisles, buying all these different products every month only to toss them in the trash… That’s so much wasted time, energy, and resources! And it’s definitely not giving you the space to spend your time in the most valuable ways.

Your superpower lies in your ability to spot these products and kick them to the curb (once they’ve reached the end of their usable life, obviously 😉 The only thing worse than a single-use product is a zero-use product!).

Some of my personal faves? Period undies and wool dryer balls. Buy them once and you’ll never have to buy tampons and dryer sheets again.

Yes, some of these reusable items may have a small investment up-front. But when they’re made quality, built to last, and give you that extra bit of space to enjoy life, the return is invaluable.

3. Set it and forget it.

How much more space could you have in your life if you never had to think about buying shampoo or laundry detergent again?

Sure, some of the eco-blogs will say you can just DIY the essentials, but really, who has time for that? We’re trying to give you more room for life here!

DIYs don’t belong here. That’s not where your Spacious EcoWarrior thrives.

As a Spacious EcoWarrior, your ultimate goal is to find more mental and physical space. And one of my favorite ways to help you reach that goal is with subscriptions.

And no, I’m not talking about those monthly subscription boxes that send you a ton of sample-sized products you’ll mostly end up regifting to your sister. I’m talking about curating your own delivery schedule for the products you use every day to arrive at your doorstep, exactly when you need them.

Our subscribe + save system puts you in control of your schedule, all while making your life easier - and saving you a few bucks while you’re at it 😊 We gotchu, friend.

Oh hey! I think an introduction may be in order. Don't you?

I'm Krystina, and I'm the face behind this space. I’m a zoo girl turned zero waste wannabe, a cat mom, a dance party junkie, and a pasta connoisseur.

I’m also a bit obsessed with all things sustainability - and never in a vague, one-size-fits-all solutions kind of way.

I believe that there is no black-and-white answer to sustainability, which means I’m always digging and researching and seeking out the best solutions for you, for me, and for now.

I founded A Drop in the Ocean back in 2019 when zero waste meant endless DIYs, grocery store bulk bins, and more reusable straws than one person would ever need.

But today, zero waste has become so much more, and I am so here for it.

As we get to know each other a bit more, you’ll discover my total disdain for greenwashing and my love affair with research, which means that in this space, you'll find everything to be carefully curated and approved by moi, with total transparency and a whole lotta love.

I’m so pumped you’re here, and I can’t wait to get to see all the good you do for the world.


Ready to do this thing?

Okay so finding those multi-use, reusable essentials is where you’re gonna thrive, right?

But how do we find those swaps? How do we know what’s actually sustainable for us and for our families?

This, my friend, is where the fun begins! 

I’ve scoured my favorite, no-stress, no-waste (or at least low-waste) swaps for you, my deep sea octopus and Spacious EcoWarrior, and pulled them together into one easy-peasy collection just for you.

So take a look around, stay a while, and let’s make waves, together.

This is just the beginning.

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m never gonna leave you hanging. You’ll never be left thinking, “Okay, but now what?” with me. That I pinky promise you. I want you to have all of the tools and resources at your disposal to make you the most badass EcoWarrior you can be.

So keep an eye on your inbox, my friend, ‘cause there’s so much more goodness to come - including a whole library of blog posts I’ve tailored specifically for your eco-superpower.

I’ll see you so soon 💙

- Krystina