You're a California Mussel!

aka the Green EcoWarrior

What's so cool about the California mussel?

While they may look unassuming, California mussels - and bivalves in general - play wildly critical roles in environmental health. California mussels attach themselves to rocks and other mussels, which can add structure to a shoreline and protect it from waves and storm surges. These communities of mussels also provide ideal habitat for small fish to hide from predators or for other small invertebrates to make their own home.

As filter feeders, California mussels move the water around them in a way that brings the water towards them, and as the water moves across their gill, it filters out food particles from the water, which ultimately leads to clear, clean, healthy water ecosystems as the clean water leaves the mussel. In just one hour, a single California mussel filters about two to three quarts of water.

What does a California mussel have to do with your eco-superpower?

You, my friend, are the Green EcoWarrior. You want the most sustainable options available to you. If it’s not green, it’s not for you.

You enjoy learning about sustainability, and how to live as lightly on this planet as you possibly can. These things light you up, not overwhelm you.

But you’re not just gonna take anyone’s word for it. You know that greenwashing is oh-so-rampant and your skeptical eye has served you well. You’re not about to be bamboozled by a label with a green leaf. It takes a lot for you to trust a brand, a company, or a product to actually be sustainable. But once that brand has proven itself, you’re all in.

You also know that there’s more to sustainability than any one thing. The packaging, the ingredients, the manufacturing - it all plays a part. There is no silver bullet, but you’ve got your values and you’re sticking to ‘em.

You know that your voice, your actions, and your dollar matter, and you want to use all of them to create a sustainable future for all living things. You’re ready for sustainable swaps and sustainable actions that actually make a difference - with zero greenwashing and a whole lot of transparency.

Just like the California mussel, you’re doing your part to create multi-level change for your environment.

Your quiz results are designed to help you find clarity on your path to sustainability, while staying true to your values and your unique eco-superpower.

So if you're ready to make waves for a sustainable future, let’s dive in.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

Robert Swan

Let's find your sustainable path forward.

1. Reuse is queen.

Okay so we all know that reusing what we have is really the basis for a zero waste lifestyle, right? But for you, my Green EcoWarrior, this is where you thrive. 

A matching collection of perfectly-curated mason jars? No thanks. You’ve got sauce jars of all sizes lining your pantry. 

Brand new silicone bags? Nah, fam. You’re still rocking the Ziploc bags you bought six years ago and washing them as you go.

Zero waste has taken on a certain ~aesthetic~ in the days of Instagram, but you and I know that the ultimate zero waste move is buying less and reusing what you’ve got. So keep on rocking that reuse, my friend!

2. Know your footprint.

As a Green EcoWarrior, you’re not afraid to ask the tough questions. What’s the real impact of my eco-habits? How do I know my actions actually matter?

So, friend, Imma share with you my favorite way to keep myself on track with my sustainability efforts. Each year I set aside some time to calculate my ecological footprint - the amount of land (and sea) that’s needed to provide the resources I use and to absorb my carbon emissions.

By taking just ten minutes to go through the calculator, your results will help you find clarity on where your eco-efforts should focus to make the greatest impact - food, shelter, transportation, or physical goods.

You’ll even get a look at how much the societal services available to you (think: medical services, education, military, etc.) impact your personal footprint, which is such a great reminder that there will always be factors outside of our control, but we can do our part to advocate for better policies and systems.

Which brings us to…

3. Be an eco-advocate.

One of the best ways we can build a sustainable future is just by talking about it! 

We’ve all heard the argument that individual actions don’t matter. But the reality of it is, our individual actions have the power to create ripples around us. And that’s how we make change.

But we gotta do it without the shame, guilt, and judgment that has riddled the eco-community for so long. Because the last thing we wanna do is turn someone off completely.

So as you’re engaging in your Green EcoWarrior ultra-eco-actions, ask yourself how you can reach even just one circle outside yourself.

Advocate for sustainability to be the norm. Work with your apartment complex to introduce recycling. Share about your actions on social media. Send this quiz to your mom. Talk to your kid’s school about composting in the cafeteria. Gift your favorite sustainable essentials to your bestie. Start a podcast.

Whatever it is that you can do - that you enjoy doing - do that thing! Make a ripple. It might just become a wave.

Oh hey! I think an introduction may be in order. Don't you?

I'm Krystina, and I'm the face behind this space. I’m a zoo girl turned zero waste wannabe, a cat mom, a dance party junkie, and a pasta connoisseur.

I’m also a bit obsessed with all things sustainability - and never in a vague, one-size-fits-all solutions kind of way.

I believe that there is no black-and-white answer to sustainability, which means I’m always digging and researching and seeking out the best solutions for you, for me, and for now.

I founded A Drop in the Ocean back in 2019 when zero waste meant endless DIYs, grocery store bulk bins, and more reusable straws than one person would ever need.

But today, zero waste has become so much more, and I am so here for it.

As we get to know each other a bit more, you’ll discover my total disdain for greenwashing and my love affair with research, which means that in this space, you'll find everything to be carefully curated and approved by moi, with total transparency and a whole lotta love.

I’m so pumped you’re here, and I can’t wait to get to see all the good you do for the world.


Ready to do this thing?

Okay so you clearly already know what’s up when it comes to sustainability. You’re happy to do your own research before you make a decision, and it may even light you up inside.

So this, my friend, is where the fun begins! 

I’ve scoured my favorite ultra-eco swaps for you, my California mussel and Green EcoWarrior, and pulled them together into one easy-peasy collection just for you. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out the product descriptions of each one. I’ve made extra certain to include all of the information you could possibly want about each and every product so that you can make the best decision for you. You might even find a whole blog post dedicated to what makes that product so super sustainable.

So take a look around, stay a while, and let’s make waves, together.

This is just the beginning.

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m never gonna leave you hanging. You’ll never be left thinking, “Okay, but now what?” with me. That I pinky promise you. I want you to have all of the tools and resources at your disposal to make you the most badass EcoWarrior you can be.

So keep an eye on your inbox, my friend, ‘cause there’s so much more goodness to come - including a whole library of blog posts I’ve tailored specifically for your eco-superpower (like how to calculate your eco-footprint and how to get friends and family on board!).

I’ll see you so soon 💙

- Krystina