a zero waste workshop series

The EcoWarrior Mindset

A practical, real-life, dare-I-say lazy person’s guide to shifting the way we think about zero waste and sustainable living so that you can confidently make better choices for yourself, your family, and the planet - without feeling like it’s another unending to-do list that just won’t go away.

Say no more, I'm in!

🌎 Just in time for Earth Day

Session 1: Wednesday, April 3 @ 5:30pm pdt
Session 2: Wednesday, April 10 @ 5:30pm pdt
Session 3: Wednesday, April 17 @ 5:30pm pdt

All sessions are 90 minutes via Zoom, starting at 5:30pm PST. Session recordings will be available for all registered attendees.

✨ Can't make it live? Register anyway and I'll send you all of the recordings so you can watch them whenever it's most convenient for you! You must be registered to get access to the recordings.

What it IS ✅

A FREE, 3-part webinar series intentionally designed to help you build a solid foundation for making sustainable choices in your daily life - totally personalized to your habits and lifestyle.

And just in time for the inevitable Earth Day sales, you'll be able to sort through all of the BS marketing tactics drenched in greenwashing from companies spending more energy making you think they're doing something good for the planet than they spend actually doing something good for the planet ✌

What it's NOT ❌

This isn't just another “do what I say” workshop without nuance or understanding. All of our lives are vastly different and what works for one person won’t work for another. You won’t walk away with an overwhelming laundry list of all the things you “need to do” to be more sustainable.

A Drop in the Ocean is an amazing resource for any one who is trying to reduce the amount of waste in their lives. Krystina is so dedicated to the cause and researches everything thoroughly. The best part is she never tells you the only solution is to buy one of her products. If she has an idea that solves a problem without buying anything she will suggest you do that first.

Nora S.

Unearth your path
to a zero waste life.

week 1

Setting the stage + shifting our mindsets.

In our first session, we'll lay the groundwork for what's to come. What exactly is zero waste? What is it not? What is our role as individuals in building a sustainable future? Zero waste living isn't always an actionable list - it's a mindset shift.

week 2

Start at the beginning: learning the lingo and debunking the myths.

Week 2 is where we really start diving into the good stuff. We'll chat all things greenwashing, how to recycle right no matter where you live, and debunk the common misconceptions about zero waste and sustainable living.

week 3

Putting it all together and finding YOUR eco-path forward.

In our final session together, we'll bring it all together, expanding on your mindset shifts from Week 1 and identifying the next steps that you can take right now that will make the most impact in your life, without overwhelm, shame, or guilt.

A Drop in the Ocean has had the most impact on me through the workshops and education that it's given me on ways that I can be more zero waste for free or very low cost in my day-to-day life, and I can also share that information with my family and friends, creating an even bigger impact.

Kelly L.
meet your instructor

Hi! I'm Krystina.

I'm a zoo girl turned zero waste wannabe on a mission to help you live lighter on the planet - one step at a time.

Sharing tangible, actionable ways for everyday humans to engage with sustainability and conservation absolutely lights me up, and I believe that there is no such thing as a black-and-white solution in sustainability - but that finding those little ways we can all live lighter on the planet should bring you joy.

I’m low-key ~obsessed~ with sorting through the BS of greenwashing and vague sustainability buzzwords - and calling it out. I completely nerd out doing the research so you don’t have to.

And I’m a sucker for total transparency, clarity, and having a blast along the way ✌😎