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Plastic Neutral: Greenwashing or Actual Waste Solution?
There are some pretty major players in the "sustainable" and "zero waste" space that brag about being certified plastic neutral. But what does that really mean for sustainability? Is plastic neutral certification greenwashing, or is it an actual solution to our ocean waste problem?
A Drop in the Ocean Zero Waste Blog: 22 Sustainability Buzzwords You Need to Know
It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between a company that’s actually doing the work of being as sustainable as possible and a company that’s just slapped a green label on the box. But you're gonna be armed with this list of 22 sustainability buzzwords and what they mean so you can make the best decisions for you, for your family, and for the planet 💪
A Drop in the Ocean Why transparency is essential for sustainability

As a consumer, it can be so incredibly difficult to sort through what’s actually sustainable and what’s greenwashing. And I am always trying to help you cut through the noise to make the best choices for you and your family. I know that going up against greenwashing is just part of this job. I’ll step up to the big guys any day. But I neverever… imagined that it wouldn’t just be the big guys we’d have to watch out for.

3 Ways to Spot Greenwashing
Greenwashing is rampant in marketing campaigns, and sometimes it's really hard to tell what's actually sustainable. So what exactly is greenwashing, and how can we spot it? Here are three of my go-to ways to spot greenwashing in the wild, plus how to hone your greenwashing-spotting skills.
A Drop in the Ocean Sustainable Living Zero Waste Plastic Free Blog Is bioplastic the answer we've been looking for?
"Greenwashing” is when companies spend more time and money making you think they’re doing something good for the planet than actually doing good for the planet. And there's one that I see so many well-meaning people fall into...