Workshop: An EcoWarrior&
Workshop: An EcoWarrior&
Workshop: An EcoWarrior&
Workshop: An EcoWarrior&

Workshop: An EcoWarrior's Guide to Greenwashing

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Greenwashing is everywhere, and unfortunately, it's not going away. It's just getting sneakier. So it's more important than ever that we, as consumers, are diligent in our understanding of what greenwashing is and how to spot it. Because when we can do that, we can save time, energy, and money - and send a big message to the corporations trying to make us think they're doing good when in reality they're anything but.

Back by popular demand, this virtual workshop is gonna be jam-packed with all the tea on greenwashing.

What is greenwashing?
Why do companies greenwash?
How do we spot greenwashing?

Plus a ton of real-world examples and no holds barred.

If you're at all curious about greenwashing, this workshop is for you. I'm pouring everything I know about greenwashing into this one-hour workshop and I can't wait to see you there.

An EcoWarrior's Guide to Greenwashing
A virtual workshop
Thursday, July 14th @ 5:30pm PDT

Words from EcoWarriors

Krystina makes a real effort to model a sustainable lifestyle without alienating those of us who are newly arriving to the low-waste life. As a counter to cultural perfectionsim and competitiveness, this approach is a breath of fresh air.


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Yes, there will be a replay available after the live workshop if you cannot make it live.

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