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Swag Produce Bag

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Say hello to your new favorite kitchen accessory. Swag Bags are uniquely designed to keep your produce fresh, longer. Like, 2-3 weeks longer. The 100% cotton bags keep your produce hydrated while encouraging airflow and slowing ripening.

Swag Bags...

  • Keep produce fresh longer
  • Save you money on your grocery bill by eliminating food waste
  • Save you time by cutting the number of grocery trips
  • Cut your trash by eliminating the need for plastic produce bags
  • Are machine washable and last for years
  • Work with all produce - from berries to carrots to kale
  • Are vegan and plastic-free

We're a bit obsessed with Swag Bags over here, and know you will be too.

How To Use

  1. Wash your Swag. Use a cold setting and a natural laundry detergent. Washing your Swag before use fluffs up the inner fibers, making it even more effective. Hang dry.
  2. Wash your produce.
  3. Dampen the outer layer of your Swag. Put it under the faucet just enough to get the outer layer moist, then wring out as much excess water as you can. The inner layer should still be mostly dry. If you are not seeing the results you're expecting from your Swag, it is likely that the bag is too wet.
  4. Add your produce to your Swag, and store in the crisper drawer of your fridge. You can either keep leafy greens separate from fruits and vegetables, or put them all together in one bag. You make the rules for your Swags! We suggest putting fresh produce in a Large Swag and transferring older produce to a Small Swag, so you always know what needs used up first.
  5. Keep them working hard. If your Swag feels like it's drying out, add a bit more water to the outer surface. Wash your Swag inside out every two weeks, or as needed. We recommend keeping them like hand towels - one set in use while another is in the laundry.

Swags work well for root vegetables like potatoes and onions, too! Just don't wet your Swag and don't put it in the fridge. Instead, add your root veggies to a dry Swag Bag and store in your pantry. They'll last longer, too!

100% unbleached and unseeded cotton

Large Swag //
 Width: 42cm x Height: 52cm (opened up, flap open) or 38cm with flap closed
Small Swag // Width: 37cm x Height: 38cm (opened up, including flap height), Height: 24cm with flap closed

End of Life
Care for your Swag Bag and it will last you for many years to come. Swags are made of 100% cotton, so at the end of their life they can be cut up and composted in your backyard or municipal compost.

Ethical Guarantees
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J J.
United States United States
I recommend this product
I'm addicted to SWAG!

I must admit I was a skeptic at first, but we eat a lot of produce and I was tired of how fast some of our produce would spoil and need to be thrown out. I started with one and tested it out with lettuce and cucumber to see if this thing really worked. Two weeks later the produce was still good! (and probably would have lasted longer but we ate it). I now own 5 of these bags in the various sizes and over the last six months, these bags have paid for themselves. Favorite item in the shop. (I have gifted 4 to friends)