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Straw Sleeve - April Showers Bring May Flowers

Regular price $10.00

Do you love your glass straws but are constantly concerned they're going to break in the bottom of your bag? Are you tired of your naked straw collecting dust and crumbs in your purse? (I see you, girl.) This handmade straw sleeve is the solution to all of your problems! Handmade by our founder's mother, these padded straw sleeves protect your beloved straw from dust, dirt, crumbs, and any potential breakage. Although our glass straws have lifetime warranties, a little extra protection never hurts.

Cotton fabric, batting, and thread with velcro closure.

End of Life
Care for your straw sleeve and it will care for your straw for years to come. Should it reach the end of its life, the velcro should be removed and placed in the trash. The rest of the sleeve can be cut up and composted.

Ethical Guarantees
Made in the USA