Live in or around Tacoma? Use code LOCALDELIVERY for free delivery to your doorstep.

Live in or around Tacoma? Use code LOCALDELIVERY for free delivery to your doorstep.

Pop-up shops, workshops, and more! Where will A Drop in the Ocean be next?
Check the calendar often for updates.
Bring your own jars and bottles to refill at all of our pop-ups.

A note from Owner + Founder, Krystina:

You may know that in addition to running A Drop in the Ocean I also work at Locust Cider and Brewing in Tacoma.

With the regulations requiring all bars and restaurants to operate as to-go only, I have taken on the responsibility of providing those to-go options through at least the end of April.

With all pop-ups and markets cancelled until further notice, this severely limits your ability to refill your own containers with all of the zero waste essentials offered through A Drop in the Ocean.

The owners of Locust have generously given me the opportunity to set up a permanent pop-up in the taproom during this time.

I’m so grateful for this partnership, and thrilled to offer this service to you.

How it will work:

We (myself and Locust) want to keep everyone that comes through our doors safe and healthy, so this pop-up will operate a little differently than typical. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Locust is open Wednesday through Sunday, 12-3pm and 4-8pm. These are the pop-up hours as well, beginning Friday, March 20.
  • See below for a full list of products that will be available at the pop up, and know ahead of time what you would like to pick up when you are here. Please, no leisure shopping.
  • You are still welcome to bring your own containers, but please come prepared with what you would like in each one and how much.
  • If you would prefer to minimize contact, you are welcome to drop off containers with your order and contact info (phone or email), and I will compile your order and send you a notification when it is ready to pick up.
  • Please be considerate of the fact that this pop-up is happening out of the generosity of Locust Cider and Brewing, and operating while I am on the clock for Locust. Therefore, if I am filling your order and a guest comes in to order something to-go from the taproom, I will be stepping away momentarily to serve the taproom guest first.
  • If you enjoy cider, beer, wine, or flatbread pizzas, please consider supporting Locust while you are here. Bring a grower to fill to keep it zero waste!

Products Available:

All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate $1.75 / oz
Body Lotion $2.10 / oz
Body Wash $1.00 / oz
Conditioner $2.00 / oz
Dishwasher Pods $0.60 / ea
Dog Shampoo $2.00 / oz
Hand Soap $1.00 / oz
Jojoba Oil (Organic) $2.00 / oz
Laundry Detergent $0.60 / oz
Shampoo $2.00 / oz
Tooth Powder $4.50 / oz
Witch Hazel Extract (Organic)                                        $0.90 / oz

Bar Soaps 
Charcoal Face Bar $7.50
Conditioner Bar $8.00
Dish Soap Block (currently sold out) $15.00
Salt Scrub Body Bar $7.50
Seasonal Body Bar - Mimosa $8.00
Seasonal Body Bar - The Bee's Knees $8.00
Shampoo Bar $8.00
Shave Soap Bar $8.00

Sustainable Swaps
Bamboo Toothbrush (Adult + Child) $5.00
DIY Beeswax Wraps Kit $30.00
Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Organic) $5.00
Glass Cause Straw - Save the Whales $20.00
Glass Cause Straw - The Vaquita Straw $20.00
Glass Straw - Aquamarine $9.00
Glass Straw - Brilliant Blue $9.00
Glass Straw - Clear Regular $8.00
Glass Straw - Clear Smoothie $8.00
Mason Jar Cozy $8.00
Mug Rug $15.00
Natural Deodorant (Baking Soda Free) $15.00
Painted Tile Soap Dish $5.00
Reusable Cotton Rounds $8.00
Reusable Cotton Water Balloons (Set of 10) $20.00
Safety Razor $25.00
Safety Razor Refill Blades $2.75
Silk Dental Floss $9.00
Silk Dental Floss Refills $7.00
Stainless Steel Straw $2.50
Straw Cleaning Brush $4.00
Straw Sleeve $10.00
Wool Dryer Balls (Set of 3) $29.00

Aluminum Bottle (2.5 oz) $1.50
Aluminum Bottle (8 oz) $2.50
Glass Bottle (2 oz) - Clear $2.00
Glass Bottle (4 oz) - Clear or Blue $2.00
Glass Bottle (8 oz) - Clear or Blue $3.00
Glass Bottle (16 oz) - Clear $4.00
Glass Jar (2 oz)                             $1.00
Glass Jar (4 oz) $1.25
Glass Jar (9 oz) $1.50
Glass Jar (16 oz) $1.75
Glass Jar (32 oz) $2.00