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Dog Shampoo

Regular price $18.50

Puppies can be eco-friendly, too! This vegan, palm oil free, and Washington-local dog shampoo will keep your best friend - and the planet - clean and happy. The essential oil blend keeps fleas at bay, too!

New Bottle and Refill price per 8 ounces.
Travel / Trial Size price per 2.7 ounces.
Ships in an aluminum bottle.

What's the difference between dog shampoo and human shampoo?
Dogs and humans have different oils on our skin, and different grooming patterns. Humans are oilier and don't clean ourselves throughout the day as dogs do, so we require more acidity in our shampoos. Our dog shampoo has a different pH balance than our human shampoos. If we use human shampoo on our pups, even our favorite shampoos, we can cause skin irritation and other skin problems for our best furry friends, and no one wants that.

Aloe leaf juice, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium laurel sulfate, glycerin, pro vitamin B, sodium bicarbonate, pure essential oils

Ethical Guarantees
Made in the USA
Palm Oil-free
Washington local

End of Life
When you’re running low, order a new bottle here, but select “Refill.” We’ll include a return label for your old bottle so you can send it back at no cost. We’ll sanitize and reuse the bottle.