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Free local delivery around the South Sound. Click here to see if you're in our delivery area.


Outside our delivery area? Always free shipping for orders over $50.

Glass Cause Straw - The Vaquita Straw

Regular price $20.00

Sip in style! Wrap this sleek glass straw in a cloth napkin, toss it in your bag, and ask for “no straw, please” next time you’re at the bar. You’ll not only look cool, but you’ll be saving sea turtles at the same time. (Some extra-awesome bartenders have also been known to give fist bumps in the presence of these beauties.)

The Cause Straw is the perfect way to show off a bit more personality and support worthy causes at the same time. A portion of each Cause Straw sale supports the featured non-profit.

We're currently featuring the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Vaquita Cause Straw. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is an international non-profit on a mission to conserve and protect ocean ecosystems. The critically endangered vaquita is the cutest porpoise you've never heard of. Also known as "the pandas of the sea," it is estimated that there are less than 30 of them left in the wild, all in the northern Gulf of California. Support vaquita conservation with this adorable Cause Straw!

Ethical Guarantees
Give-Back Program
Made in the USA

8 inches long, 9-9.5 millimeters diameter

Hand wash with warm, soapy water. For a super-clean straw, scrub with our straw cleaning brush.

Protect your straw with one of our straw sleeveshandmade by our founder's mother, too!

End of Life
This glass straw can be fully recycled at the end of its life, which shouldn’t be for a very long time (or really, ever).