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Reclaimed Wood Soap Dish

Regular price $3.00

We've all been there. The soggy mess on the side of the sink that's ironically impossible to clean after the bar of soap has been left to sit in its own water for bit too long. Doesn't exactly scream "classy and sophisticated," does it?

We've got you covered. Our 100% reclaimed wooden soap dish is made from untreated Spanish cedar wood in Portland, Oregon, and is here to keep your sink sparkling clean.

Your soap needs some room to breathe. Give it what it wants with this dish and your soap will thank you by living a longer life so you can keep on sudsing away.

Extend the life of your soap dish, too, by alternating between two every 2-3 weeks. This gives the dish time to dry between uses and maintain is beautiful form.

Untreated recycled Spanish cedar wood

3" x 4"