Organic Cotton Reusable Gift Bag
Organic Cotton Reusable Gift Bag
Organic Cotton Reusable Gift Bag
Organic Cotton Reusable Gift Bag

Organic Cotton Reusable Gift Bag

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No more drowning in unrecyclable wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, tissue paper, and gift bags! Keep this holiday season zero waste with our handmade, organic cotton reusable gift bags. Keep them in the family to reuse over and over again each year, or make them part of the gift to a loved one.

Even better, these bags are great for reuse as a produce or bulk bag!

What's so great about the fabric?

We're a bit obsessed with these fabrics, but not just because they're oh-so-adorable (which they are, clearly 😍), but because they're sustainable and support independent artists.

Sustainability: Traditional fabric production takes more than 50 gallons of water to produce 5 yards of fabric. Our vendor prints their fabrics with a process that uses less than one thimble-full of water to produce the same amount. The inks are chemical-free, everything is printed-to-order so there is no excess wasted fabric, and any unprinted fabric pieces are fully repurposed and never sent to landfill. And to top it all off, all fabric is printed right here in the United States, reducing carbon emissions with transportation.

Beyond printing the fabric, organic cotton itself is a more sustainable option compared to traditional cotton. Organic cotton production avoids harmful chemicals, uses less water, and produces about 40% less carbon emissions than conventional cotton.

Supporting Independent Artists: Each fabric was designed by an independent artist, who received a commission for their work when we purchased the fabric.


Each bag is approximately 15" tall by 12" wide.

All bags are handmade with the intent to reduce fabric waste as much as possible. As such, dimensions and designs may vary slightly between bags.


Organic cotton knit fabric, cotton drawstring, cotton thread


These bags can be machine washed. We recommend washing in a mesh laundry bag on a cold setting to extend their life. Hang dry for longest life.

Packaging + End of Life

These reusable gift bags will either be completely unpackaged or will be wrapped in reused kraft paper, which can be curbside recycled. These bags should last you many, many years to come with proper care, but when they reach the end of their life, they can be cut up and backyard composted.


Handmade by Krystina right here in Tacoma, WA.

Ethical Guarantees

Give-Back Program
Made in the USA

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sustainable packaging

We ship ugly boxes

Our commitment to sustainability doesn't end when you press that checkout button.

We pack all of our orders in reused boxes and envelopes, with reused paper packaging, post-consumer recycled paper labels, and even paper tape.

You may not get an IG-worthy unboxing, but you will get the most sustainable packaging we can possibly find.

Oh and did we mention our shipping is always carbon negative?

Let's go to the real winner in my eyes. Honestly, I could have purchased this exact product many other places, but the packaging A Drop in the Ocean uses to ship will have me coming back time and time gain.

My first purchase from them was some floss a while ago and it arrived in a reused tea box with a hand written note that was written on scrap paper. I was blown away.

I had never seen a company who claimed to be sustainable ACTUALLY prove to be sustainable through and through. The fact that every piece of the packaging was reused and minimal will have me come back over and over again. If I can purchase it here, I will purchase it here.