Mug Rug - In the Garden

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What's a mug rug, you ask? It's only the cutest way to enjoy your morning brew! It's bigger than a coaster but smaller than a placemat - the perfect size for a mug and a snack.

Or a bottle of champagne and a flute. ;)

Hand-sewn with 100% cotton fabric, batting, and thread by our founder's mother, these mug rugs are sure to brighten your day.

Adorable fox mug not included.

100% cotton fabric, batting, and thread

6.5" x 9"
Please note that as these mug rugs are handmade, dimensions may vary slightly from those listed.

Gently wash in cold water and air dry.

End of Life
With proper care, your mug rug should last many years, even decades. Eventually, when it reaches its last days, your mug rug can be composted.