Ocean Creatures Wooden Toy Set
Ocean Creatures Wooden Toy Set
Ocean Creatures Wooden Toy Set
Ocean Creatures Wooden Toy Set

Ocean Creatures Wooden Toy Set

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✨ These wooden toy sets are part of our Last Chance collection! Once we sell out of our current inventory, we will not be restocking them. So grab them while you can! ✨ 

Bring all of the excitement, curiosity, and joy of the sea to the children in your life with our *new* plastic-free ocean creatures wooden toy set. This set is intentionally designed with care to expose children to the amazing world beneath our oceans while combining creativity and education.

Each set includes (10) beechwood sea creatures (albatross, corals, jelly fish, narwhal, octopus, otter, shark, and turtle) in a hemp drawstring bag with a paper play mat and educational booklet on each featured animal, all contained in a metal travel tin.

Made in the USA with CPC and EN71 certifications, these all-natural and non-toxic wooden toy sets are sure to delight all of the kids [ages 3+] in your life this holiday season.

A message from the creators of this toy set:

"There are many things that led us to develop this set, but ultimately it was created with my own nieces and nephews in mind. Young kids seem to enjoy the wooden toys a lot, and everyone from slightly older kids to parents themselves have appreciated the accompanying booklet! The illustrations in this booklet were made by a good friend who herself is sailing around the world with her husband and 2 children on a 35 foot sailboat! Everyone involved with the creation of this toy set has their own authentic connection with the ocean and our natural world, and we truly hope to connect others with this magic!"

Packaging + End of Life

These toy sets are self-contained in a metal travel tin and which will come completely unpackaged.

With proper care, these sets should last decades to come, but at the end of their life the wooden toys and hemp bag can be composted, and the play mat, educational booklet, and metal travel tin can be curbside recycled.


Made in the USA.

Ethical Guarantees

Made in the USA

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Our commitment to sustainability doesn't end when you press that checkout button.

We pack all of our orders in reused boxes and envelopes, with reused paper packaging, post-consumer recycled paper labels, and even paper tape.

You may not get an IG-worthy unboxing, but you will get the most sustainable packaging we can possibly find.

Oh and did we mention our shipping is always carbon negative?

Let's go to the real winner in my eyes. Honestly, I could have purchased this exact product many other places, but the packaging A Drop in the Ocean uses to ship will have me coming back time and time gain.

My first purchase from them was some floss a while ago and it arrived in a reused tea box with a hand written note that was written on scrap paper. I was blown away.

I had never seen a company who claimed to be sustainable ACTUALLY prove to be sustainable through and through. The fact that every piece of the packaging was reused and minimal will have me come back over and over again. If I can purchase it here, I will purchase it here.


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